• SEA YOU at the beach this weekend!

    We are now open and accepting limited guests every weekend!

    *HEALTH CERTIFICATES not required, but we have a HEALTH DECLARATION FORM for you to fill up:)
    *As per IATF kids below 5 yrs old are not allowed
    *Senior Citizens with complete vaccine card are welcome
    Room Rates:
    FAMILY AC ROOM: 1550/ head with bfast (minimum 6 pax)
    -3 queen beds,6 army cots in the room, en suite bathroom and mini kitchen
    Barracks: 1250/ head with bfast
    -Open area barracks with an army cot
    Tent with army cot: 1350/ head with bfast
    -camping grounds accom, army cot, with option for a bonfire at night!
    Daytrip: 600
    You can bring your own food,
    NO corkage fee for food.
    Corkage fee for beer 150/case
    Cooking Fee:
    Cook on your own, usage of kitchen etc: 300 pesos per day (overnight lunch to lunch)
    Cook by staff (your own ingredients): 600 for 4 meals
    Resort Entrance Fee
    Free Parking
    Use of utensils/ kitchenware
    Free local coffee
    Drinking Water